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Patient Wristband & Label Systems

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The Identification Systems Group (ISG) delivers the patient identification solutions that healthcare providers need. Regardless of the department - Registration, Nursing, Pharmacy, Lab, Labor & Delivery, NICU, etc. - we have the right solution to consolidate your facilities' patient ID wristband and patient and lab sample systems. ISG patient identification solutions are everywhere in hospitals.

The patient wristband and label solutions that the ISG offer improve patient safety and can save your organization money. While improvements are still being made in barcoded positive patient identification, many healthcare facilities still face one or more patient safety issues by simply not using scannable and durable wristbands and labels. These issues can include:

  • Low scan rates
  • Poor durability or visibility
  • Small barcode scan zones
  • Barcodes wrap around patient's wrist
  • Printers produce illegible prints
  • No ability to reprint quickly
  • High cost per patient

Our patient identification technology delivers vibrant, comprehensive, and cost-effective solutions. From custom label types to special thermal printers to a bevy of patient ID wristband options, we've got your positive patient identification needs covered.

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Patient ID Wristband Products

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Also known as patient ID bracelets, patient armbands, or hospital ID wristbands, patient ID wristbands are one of the oldest and most trusted solutions for positive patient identification. The ISG offers a wide variety of patient ID wristband products. Follow the links below for more information on our identification wristband solutions:

For pricing and availability in your area on these popular patient ID wristband and label solutions, please click on the Request For Quote button at the top right of this page.Y You can also see the various applications below that use these patient wristbands and labels as well as other more specialized patient ID solutions.

Registration Wristband & Label Printing

Registration areas must print barcoded patient ID wristbands and patient labels quickly and efficiently, often with different requirements, such as a different quality of label or kind of wristband, based on the type of registration. Our patient identification solutions will help you cost-effectively print what you need without having to initiate a major IT project.

Read our ISG™ Registration datasheet for more information on our registration wristband and patient label printing solutions.

Patient Bedside Lab Labels

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Hospitals regularly need to produce special labels for lab samples, often as specimens are collected at the patient's bedside. Positive patient identification is absolutely essential in these situations, as proper lab sample labeling could be lifesaving.

Using a barcode scanner and portable Bluetooth® printer, a clinician can quickly scan a patient ID wristband, their own ID card, and enter the quantity count. A lab sample label (or labels) is then printed with the patient's name, medical record number, blood band number, the clinician ID number, the date/time, and any other info needed to properly identify the sample(s).

Read our ISG™ Bedside Lab Sample Labels datasheet to learn more about this hospital label printing system.

Newborn ID Tags

Regulations require the proper identification of newborns from the minute they're born. To that end, hospitals must provide newborn ID bracelets or other ID tags that are comfortable, durable, and easy to scan. ISG's newborn ID bracelets and hospital ID wristbands are easy and effective solutions for keeping infants safe and traceable within your healthcare environment, from the delivery room to the nursery to discharge.

View datasheets on our ISG™ Newborn ID Bracelets and our ISG™ Thermal Newborn ID System with mother-father-baby bands for more information on these patient identification solutions.

Patient Photo ID Wristband Systems

Some hospitals want to add photos to their patient ID wristbands as another simple, yet accurate, positive patient identification solution. ISG's SmartFoto system gives healthcare organizations options for producing black and white or color photos on your patient identification wristbands.

Read the ISG™ Patient ID Wristband datasheet for more information about our SmartFoto patient ID system.

Color-Coded Alert Bands with State Standardization

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Color-coded patient ID bands are a very important part of patient safety. Most state hospital associations have recommended standard colors and alerts. There are a variety of methods of identifying the patient and their condition.

Read our ISG™ State Color-coded Alert Standardization datasheet to learn more.

Downtime Solutions

Like it or not, hospital IT systems sometimes crash or go into a scheduled maintenance mode. However, registration departments still must be able to admit patients and produce barcoded hospital ID wristbands for patient safety. With this in mind, ISG offers patient identification solutions that are still fully functional during "downtime," which allows users to continue printing patient labels even when networks are offline.

View the ISG™ Downtime Solutions datasheet for more information on this unique patient identification solution.

For more details regarding our individual Process 24/7 downtime solutions, please read the following datasheets:

On Demand Healthcare Labels

The ISG's On Demand label system provides a reliable solution for printing the correct quantity of labels without wasting time and money. Sheets of laser labels are expensive and wasteful, as all unused labels must be shredded. With thermal labels, employees must log-in to their workstation, select the patient, and select the number of labels to print, which can be a very time-consuming process.

With our automated patient label printing system, users can ensure that the right number of labels is printed every time, simply by scanning the barcoded patient chart or patient ID wristband.

View our ISG™ On Demand Healthcare Labels datasheet for more information about our automated patient label solutions.

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