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Public Transportation Solutions

Public Transportation

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) has a long history of providing solutions to government agencies for public transportation, including personalized, reusable mass transit passes for subways, railways, ferries, trollies, and bussing systems. We also provide card systems for the issuance of government fleet fueling cards for city buses, school buses, service vehicles, utility trucks, and more. Our fuel card solutions can be linked to major fleet refueling systems across North America or connected directly to your department’s own refueling stations.

Mass Transit Passes

Recent trends in city governments limiting public parking spaces and increasing fees for public garages has increased many communities’ dependence on public transportation. In lieu of drivers handling tokens or cash, many municipal governments now regularly issue plastic, multi-use passes (“metro cards”) which can be linked to a prepaid accounts to grant weekly, monthly, or annual passage for riders. By issuing cards with low-cost magnetic stripes, a public transportation authority can keep costs down and increase collected transit revenues. In some venues, mass transit agencies can issue more secure contact and contactless technology cards that are personalized to the user for prepaid passage on an entire metro system, including public buses, trams, subways, railcars, ferries, and more.

Ask the ISG about the transit pass and metro card solutions we can provide for your transportation authority.

Fleet Fueling Cards

On the flipside of issuing cards for public transit riders, the ISG offers fleet fueling card systems for public transportation drivers. We can provide you with complete fleet management systems that allow you to identify and track the status of fleet vehicles as well as issue fuel cards that are linked to your government-owned fueling stations or tied to any number of popular nationwide fleet fueling programs, such as Fuelman, CFN, or Pacific Pride. Many ISG dealers can also assist in statewide or national fleet fueling programs and issue personalized, reloadable payment cards for individual drivers or public transportation departments.

Contact the ISG today to learn how our fleet fueling card systems can work for your agency.

Contact the ISG for Your Card Needs

The ISG is a network of credential management professionals across the US and Canada that provide local, state, and federal government agencies with public transportation card systems. With solutions ranging from temporary transit passes and transportation employee badging to issuing secure multi-use metro cards, personalizing fleet fueling cards, and more, the ISG is here, there, and everywhere, to serve your department’s needs.

To learn more about the markets we serve and the different public transportation card solutions we offer, contact the ISG today.