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Emergency Management Solutions

Emergency Management

Emergencies and natural disasters can happen at any time, and the only way to be prepared to handle such crises is to prepare in advance. The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers a host of National Incident Management System (NIMS) compatible solutions for first responders, from photo identification systems to mobile incident command systems, triage identification to asset tracking, crisis communication to school lockdown alert systems, and more. Not every incident is the same, but the ISG provides dependable, proven crisis management solutions that work every time.

First Responder ID Systems

The ISG provides complete turnkey solutions for secure first responder credential issuance, as well as related systems for the management of onsite personnel during a natural disaster or local emergency where members from multiple departments (fire, EMT, police) may be active. Depending on the size of your organization, we can provide integrated, standalone, or mobile photo ID systems that produce NIMS-compliant credentials that can work directly with your department’s access control, visitor management, and other systems.

Learn more about our first responder ID systems with our BadgePass™ Community Solutions brochure.

Mobile Triage & Incident Command Systems

First responders sometimes need durable, onsite systems to provide fast and accurate rescue personnel, volunteer, and victim identification. The ISG offers mobile emergency event management solutions, including mobile triage systems and incident command cases to help you quickly identify and help victims who need emergency treatment. The ISG can also provide complete manual incident management packages that will help you track and manage all personnel with mobile identification.

Read more about our Electronic Accountability and Incident Command Systems.

Inventory & Asset Tracking Systems

During an emergency event, first responders not only need to track team members and victims, but also equipment, tools, supplies, and pharmaceutical inventories. With inventory and asset tracking solutions from the ISG, each department can properly manage their own onsite materials with scannable barcode labels or RFID tags. Asset managers can track when items are issued, in service, or returned, when supplies are low, or when equipment is damaged and needs replacement.

Check out our Asset Manager solution to learn more.

Contact Us for Local Dealer Support

The ISG network has members across the USA and Canada who can coordinate and cooperate with first responder agencies. Whether your emergency management department has a single location that requires local service and support, or has facilities spread across state lines, the ISG is here to help.

To learn more about the markets we serve and the different first responder emergency management solutions we offer, contact us today.