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Administrative Management Solutions

Administrative Management

Security is a major concern on all government properties, especially in today’s hostile political climate. Positive identification of everyone and everything in public facilities and on agency grounds is an essential part of a secure working environment. The Identification Systems Group (ISG) provides a myriad of solutions for employee ID needs, logical access and physical access control, asset tracking, visitor management and more, to help your government administration manage its people, property, and information.

Employee ID Systems

The ISG provides government agencies of all shapes and sizes with complete photo identification systems for everything from basic employee ID cards to multifunctional, integrated access cards. We provide proven, reliable equipment for image capture, data management, and card issuance, as well as a variety of accessories for safe and easy display of employee ID cards. Our employee ID card solutions can also work directly with your logical and physical access control solutions, parking systems, vending services, time and attendance systems, cafeteria services, and other employee programs.

Ask the ISG about our government employee ID solutions. View our ID Card Systems page to learn more.

Visitor Management Systems

Our BadgePass™ Visitor Management System is hands-down the most comprehensive, yet convenient, visitor check-in and tracking solution on the market today. Using our SmartReg automated enrollment system, we can create new records for visitors in seconds, and track their visits throughout your facility with QuickPass™ cards linked to their record and specific access privileges. You can setup thorough whitelists for validated vendors and contractors, and blacklists for terminated employees or other individuals who are banned from your premises. You can also issue customized visitor ID cards for special regular visitors, or issue temporary labels for visitors to non-vital areas and public events.

Contact the ISG today to learn how visitor management solutions can work for you.

Asset Tracking

Whether you need to track people, places, or things, the ISG has the asset tracking solution right for you. Using our EPIC Track™ solution, you can identify, label, and track facility equipment, departmental supplies, and even vehicles, collecting the usage data you need to recommend deadlines for replacements and repairs. Epic Track™ can also generate customized reports, manage users, and check the status of items listed. You can also use our Asset Manager and Construction Site Manager solutions for government asset tracking around the office or on the worksite. We also offer metal plate embossing systems for the production of metal tags, 2D barcode tags, and serial number plates for labeling and tracking equipment and supplies.

Contact us for the asset tracking solution your agency or department needs.

Logical Access & Physical Access Control

From integrated solutions that work alongside your HR and visitor management systems, the ISG offers complete logical access and physical access control systems to let the right people in and keep the wrong ones out of your facilities. We offer multi-technology credentials and proximity door readers, as well as convenient MIFARE and prox wristband solutions, to provide your staff with straightforward, yet secure, access to the areas essential to their work. Whether you need to secure an office complex, a parking garage, a public utility, or a municipal venue, the ISG has he tools you need to implement and integrate the logical and physical access systems you need. We also offer solutions for key management and integrated video surveillance.

Contact the ISG to learn more about our secure access control solutions.

Contact the ISG for Local Service & Support

The ISG’s nationwide network of credential management professionals can coordinate and cooperate with government agencies at every level, with security solutions for every facility need. From securing your property or your data, managing access for employees and visitors, or tracking equipment, resources, and supplies, the ISG has the right solutions to serve your agency’s needs.

To learn more about the markets we serve and the different administrative security solutions we offer, please contact the ISG today.