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ISG Member Dealers Received Certification Training from Secure Technology Alliance

ISG Receives Certification from STA

Many customers are transitioning from older card technologies to smart card technology. To maintain our strength in providing identification and security solutions, ISG member dealers completed certification training on smart card technology.

Shawnee, KS (PRWEB) March 10, 2017 - Identification Systems Group (ISG), the nationwide network of local identification system integrators, is pleased to announce that its member dealers have completed the Certified Smart Card Industry Professional (CSCIP) certification training program provided by the Secure Technology Alliance, formerly known as the Smart Card Alliance. Meeting in San Antonio, TX, 30 ISG service managers received in-depth training and testing.

Smart card use is rapidly growing in a number of areas, including physical access, logical access, financial transactions, mobile, and identification. This technology provides much greater security, data storage, and ability to handle multiple applications. However, implementing smart cards can be complex. The management of encryption keys, choice of form factors, operating systems, applications and security options make the job quite daunting.

By completing the CSCIP certification training, ISG member dealers are now better equipped than ever to consult with customers to help them with the migration to smart cards. The certification training covered 10 training modules, totaling over 500 pages of material.

"Transitioning to smart cards, whether they be contact, contactless or dual interface, is complicated and requires cooperation within an organization,” stated Tom Stiles, Executive Director or the ISG. “We often see contactless smart cards being issued by customers in education, government, and corporate markets that are NOT secure. That is because many organizations choose to read the non-secure card serial number instead of a protected and secure card number. In my opinion, this happens because reading the secure card number across the enterprise is too complicated for many integrators.”

About the ISG
The Identification Systems Group (ISG) is a nationwide network of local identification card system integrators, providing high quality, cost-effective solutions backed by the local support and strength of its Professional Services Certification program. Each company works together to provide seamless nationwide support in the USA and Canada.

About the Secure Technology Alliance
The Secure Technology Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association working to stimulate the understanding, adoption and widespread application of secure solutions, including smart cards, embedded chip technology, and related hardware and software across a variety of markets including authentication, commerce and Internet of Things (IoT). The Secure Technology Alliance, formerly known as the Smart Card Alliance, invests heavily in education on the appropriate uses of secure technologies to enable privacy and data protection. The Secure Technology Alliance delivers on its mission through training, research, publications, industry outreach and open forums for end users and industry stakeholders in payments, mobile, healthcare, identity and access, transportation, and the IoT in the U.S. and Latin America.

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