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ISG Announces Initiative to Improve Patient Safety

Improve Patient Safety

Kansas City, MO - August 20, 2015 -- Identification Systems Group (ISG), the nationwide network of local identification system integrators, announces an initiative to improve patient safety and reduce costs in healthcare. Through partner agreements with leading industry manufacturers such as PDC Healthcare and AMT Datasouth, ISG offers exclusive products to provide complete systems of thermal wristbands, labels, printers that also include on-site consultation and ongoing, on-site service support.

The healthcare industry has quickly moved to bar-coded patient wristbands and labels over the past several years. Much of this was driven by a landmark report by the Institute of Medicine in 1999 showing the staggering number of medical errors. However, there a number of issues healthcare faces today that prevent good patient identification. Various studies continue to show premature deaths and adverse events that stem from identification errors.

Among the major healthcare issues seen are: low scan rate, poor wristband durability, small scan zone, bar-code wraps around the wrist, printers don't produce good quality or are misaligned, and no ability to remake wristbands quickly. High cost and waste is another area of concern.

The ISG provides solutions for virtually any bar-code wristband or label printing application needed. The application solutions include Admissions, Down-time Mode, Photo Wristbands, Bedside Lab Labels, Newborn ID Tags, Bedside Lab Labels and On Demand Labels.

"The ISG has written a whitepaper called Bar Coded Patient Identification, help improve patient safety." said Tom Stiles, ISG executive director. "This paper reviews important issues and considerations, and makes a variety of recommendations. The network of ISG Member dealers can help you solve your current problems and help improve patient safety."

The whitepaper is also available.

About the ISG
The Identification Systems Group (ISG) is a nationwide network of local identification card system integrators, providing high quality, cost effective solutions backed by local support and the strength of its Professional Services Certification program. Each company works together to provide seamless nationwide support.