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Financial EMV Cards & Instant Issuance

financial emv

Financial institutions are rapidly deploying instant card issuance solutions for financial cards at their branch locations, making instant issuance systems a competitive necessity! Not only do these systems increase customer satisfaction, they also provide a tremendous return on investment. The ability to hand your customer a card on the spot makes them happy, and increases their card usage. You can issue multiple payment brands, and even personalize the card with various commercial images or unique customer-supplied photos.

Instant Issuance Solutions

We offer complete solutions from leading industry brands that include software, hardware, supplies, installation, training and ongoing support. You can choose a newer "flat card" instant issuance printer, one with traditional embossed and tipped characters, or both. Increase your "happy customer revenue stream" with on-site personalized credit and debit cards today!

EMV Solutions

EMV certified

Banks and credit unions in the US financial card market are quickly moving to the issuance of EMV compliant cards. This change is a complex process for most financial institutions, because they need to order new cards, and their card design likely has to change due to the introduction of the EMV chip. Your local ISG Dealer can provide consultation on the decisions you need to make as you migrate to EMV as well, and can offer attractive pricing on the printed card stock.

Gilded Edge Technology™

Financial institutions are always looking for ways to grab market share and keep their card products at the forefront of customer's minds, even inside their wallets. One common way to do this is with preprinted cardstock, and another is with blank "colored core PVC" personalized during instant issuance. Both processes could require purchases of custom stock in large quantities, which can be expensive. Though the ISG can always offer those options for institutions seeking their own preprinted or colored stock, including cards for both MasterCard and Visa brands, we also offer a new feature called Gilded Edge Technology™, which allows you to add one of fourteen different color coatings to the edges of plain white PVC cards, to make your cards easily identifiable inside a purse or wallet, especially when wedged between other cards. You can read more about this unique process in our Gilded Edge Technology datasheet.

If you would like to talk to an expert consultant with your local ISG Dealer, please contact us today.