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industrial marking

Embossing, Marking & Traceability

An embossed metal plate/tag system is not a commodity purchase, but rather a "solution" that includes the embossing machine, metal plates or tags, attachment items, and on-site consulting and support. Contact us today to explore which of our solutions is right for you. We are always here to help.

If you purchase a system, you may need on-site installation and ongoing maintenance, and your local ISG dealer is the ONE source that will provide you with unbiased information and product selection choices. We will also provide thorough on-site consultation and usage recommendations.

Click on the "Contact ISG" button to the left, send us your contact information, and receive 1,000 FREE tags or plates with your embossing machine order (up to a $500 value)!

The industrial manufacturing sector relies heavily on quality solutions for individual part marking and traceability. As there is a growing need for traceability and accountability in manufacturing, the ISG is proud to offer the best and largest product and technology selection for marking and embossing solutions.

One of the most popular, cost-effective and reliable means of part marking is the use of embossing technology, largely due to its durability under constant use and its capacity to maintain information integrity under harsh environments over time.

Metal plate marking is done with high-quality, reliable machines that mark information via embossing (raised surface) or debossing (indented surface) on virtually any metal, including stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, brass and gold.

Part marking has evolved from standard numbers and letters into actual raised 2D barcodes for quick scanning options, and on a variety of plate sizes to meet the needs of any application. Metal marking machines can produce standard alpha numeric text and symbols, dot matrix images, 2D data matrices (barcoding) and can incorporate new vision inspection technology.

Part marking and traceability is becoming a necessity and in some cases an insurance or quality assurance requirement throughout a manufacturing process specifically in, but not limited to:

  • Automotive component manufacturers (transmissions, axels, brake systems, etc.)
  • Industrial hose manufacturers
  • Wood manufacturing industries (pressed wood products)
  • Chemical plants
  • Tractor manufacturers
  • Farming equipment (plows, fertilizers, etc.)
  • Trailer manufacturers (recreational, industrial, farming)
  • Structural concrete manufacturers (beam, columns)
  • Walkway, escalator, elevator manufacturers
  • Ship builders, shipyards & naval facilities
  • Aircraft manufactures & maintenance facilities
  • Power plants & utilities (tagging valves and other critical installations)
  • Mining & processing (steel plates, coal industry)
  • Electrical motors (component manufacturers)
  • Gas & utility meter manufacturers & refurbishing facilities
  • Medical equipment manufacturers & importers
  • Corn processors (ADM)
  • Credit card processors (merchant plates)
  • Water management facilities
  • Construction sites

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