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Electronic Accountability & Incident Command Systems

emergency identification

The ISG dealers are experts in the emergency responder market.  They are trained and staffed to provide information, implementation, training, and on-going support.  They also can assist you in training exercises. 

In today's public safety market, authentic, durable and machine readable identification credentials are a necessity.  We provide identification systems for any size agency.  Be sure your responders have proper identification!

We offer a variety of manual and electronic incident management and electronic accountability systems. These systems are NIMS compliant and help you manage scenes from small to large.  We offer the Emergency Event Manager Solution (EEMS) manufactured by Elliott Mobile Solutions.

Emergency Event Manager Solution (EEMS)

A mobile accountability solution designed to quickly and securely provide positive ID on-site and track activity of emergency first responders and volunteers at an emergency scene.

The Emergency Event Manager Solution (EEMS) is a software program designed for first responders to automate the process of identifying and managing personnel at emergency scenes quickly and securely. EEMS provides first responders improved security, greater risk management and more accountability during an event.

EEMS automates the process of tracking an incident by electronically capturing data as first responders and volunteers move in and out of divisions, create assignments, time stamp all activity, have access to crucial personnel information including certifications and specialties and issue secure FIPS 201 color IDs.

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mobile command case

Mobile Command Case

The Mobile Emergency Event Manager Solutions unit is a turn-key solution packaged as a compact, self-contained workstation that includes everything that you need to photograph, identify and print IDs immediately on-site. 

Command Centers can be setup and operational within minutes of arriving on scene using EEMS. First Responders and Volunteers can be badged, issued assignments and begin setting up checkpoints quickly and efficiently. Electronically capturing data during the event allows the EOC and Command Center on-site to view event data during or after an event. This automated process makes performing audits and grant reimbursement requests easy and more accurate than manual processes.

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Mobile Tracking Devices

Our mobile tracking devices are handhelds that allow users to manage personnel, visitors, volunteers and assets away from the Command Center.

A Mobile Tracking Device allows users to manage personnel, visitors, volunteers and assets away from the Command Center at any location. Create an event and enroll personnel before the Command Center is setup onsite by using a Mobile Tracking Device. Personnel are able to manage larger areas of a location while moving in and out of the vicinity of the Command Center by tracking individuals, equipment, and activity using EEMS software.

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Stationary Tracking Devices

Used in conjunction with your Mobile Solutions, activity using stationary tracking devices may include quickly capturing data from a driver's license or government issued ID, logging in personnel of visitors, or assigning assets or assignments to a person.

A Stationary Tracking Device is a staple item in your emergency management system. It's the piece of the system that allows users to upload the necessary information needed within the EEMS software. Information gathered by these devices are uploaded and populated into the software and then managed and viewed appropriately.

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Mobile Disaster Victim Identifier & Triage Solution

When disaster strikes, first responders like EMTs, police officers and firefighters have much to contend with from identifying victims, triaging them, and transporting the injured to appropriate medical facilities for treatment. The Mobile Disaster Victim Identifier & Triage Solution from the ISG helps to speed up the process, saving valuable time, to respond more quickly to victims’ medical needs.

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incident management package

Incident Management Package

Mobile Solutions® offers a packaged system that combines Tactron's manual Accountability Management Program and Mobile ID's electronic, Personnel Data Management Software to create a powerful and affordable solution for Emergency Response. Tactron's PASS Program is used in conjunction with Mobile ID software to allow users to build personnel records and print barcodes on PASS Tags or full sized ID cards which electronically store individual personnel records. 

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