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Badging Accessories

id badging accessories

Since they are an integral part of visual security, identification cards should be worn so that they are clearly visible. The ISG is proud to work with the best ID accessory manufacturers in the business and offers high quality ID card and badge lanyards, badge clips, badge reels, ID card holders and lanyards for any budget. These accessories are available in a variety of color, design, and style options, including specific customization options for your company’s name and logo. We also offer a variety of options to protect your ID badge from daily wear and tear, as well as harsh environments, so let us help you find the right ID accessories for your company’s specific needs.

Click to view our General ID Badging Accessories datasheet.

To view our most popular customizable badge reels and lanyards, download our ISG Custom ID Accessories datasheet. To find out what your cost would be for the various quantities of these customized items, please contact your local ISG dealer.

Badge & ID Card Holders

badge holders

Badge and ID card holders are a key part of any identification card program. Once an ID badge or ID card has been printed, it is best to place it in a protective badge holder to clearly display and to protect the credential from water damage, fading, bending, cracking and more. The links below describe a variety of the badge and ID card holders ISG offers.

  • Clothing-Friendly Badge Holders feature a special feature that attaches the badge holder to uniforms and other clothing using a special curved tip that won't damage the fabric.
  • Vinyl Badge Holders are extremely flexible and used to protect your badge against abrasions.
  • Color Bar Badge Holders are used to differentiate between different types of personnel, with various colored bars to designate different personnel levels or access areas.
  • Rigid Plastic Badge Holders are sufficiently durable for cards containing embedded technology like smart chips or RFID antennas. These badge holders won't bend at all, protecting cards from a variety of possible damages.
  • Shielded Badge Holders feature a thin sheet of metal to prevent possible unauthorized access to the card known as "skimming," which could lead to identity theft.
  • Silicone Mobile Phone Wallets attach to the back of a cell phone, are made of silicone rubber, and can hold up to three ID or access cards.

Visitor Identification

badge holders

Visitor management systems are widely used today as visitor identification is the primary visual verification that a person is allowed to be on your premises. It’s a vital part of an overall security plan that has everyone - employees, contractors, students and visitors - wearing recognizable ID credentials. Whether you choose to use self-expiring disposable visitor badges, reusable card backs with temporary labels, or preprinted numbered visitor IDs, the ISG offers a variety of solutions to meet your needs.

  • Visitor ID Accessories - A drawback of common adhesive visitor labels is that it is often affixed to clothing, where it can fall off or be worn under a jacket, making it impossible to be seen correctly. The ISG offers a variety of solutions to remedy this.
  • TEMPbadge™ Expiring Badges - Our TEMPbadge™ expiring visitor badges are now better than ever with our improved self-expiring technology that gives you more vibrant colors, clearer expiration indicators, an additional time frame, and more!

Badge Reels

badge reels

Badge reels are an easy, convenient way to carry and display an ID badge or card. Badge reels are convenient for those who are required to scan or swipe their card regularly. The included retractable cord keeps attached credentials close and easily accessible. The below links describe the badge reels offered by ISG.

  • Twist-Free Badge Reels use a unique front-loading design to prevent credentials from getting tangled.
  • Ski/Sport Badge Reels feature a sturdy design and a swivel hook. Customization with your company name and/or logo is also an option.
  • Max Custom Label Badge Reels feature the same retractable cord and durable design as other badge reels, but they also have a larger custom imprint area that allows for a bigger custom logo or graphic.
  • Traditional Round Badge Reels are durable and easy to attach, and Solid Colored Badge Reels are available in many different shades, while Translucent Badge Reels add a subtler touch of color.


id lanyards

Lanyards are a versatile accessory that can be worn around the neck, on a belt loop, or even tucked into a pocket. They can also be used in many different situations, making them a popular attachment with broad appeal. The ISG offers the lanyard options listed below.

  • Classic Lanyards are offered as braid-woven lanyards, ribbed polyester lanyards and vinyl lanyards. These lanyards are straightforward with no-frill attachments, and will carry one or more ID cards effectively. These lanyards can be easily customized to feature graphics or text.
  • Reflective Lanyards are ideal for use in low-light or nighttime environments and will hold multiple badges or cards, while also serving as a light reflecting safety tool.
  • Anti-Microbial Lanyards are made of a special material that prevents bacterial growth, which makes them ideal for safety-conscious customers and healthcare providers.
  • Neck Chains and Cords are an excellent choice for customers that participate in large events, such as trade shows. They are an affordable, reusable option that can be reused for event attendees or site visitors.

Other Accessories

jail ID
  • Inmate ID Wristbands are essential for properly identifying prisoners by way of a brightly colored, durable wristband that prominently displays the inmate ID number, name and photo. Perfect for jails, prisons, correctional facilities and juvenile detention centers at the city, county, state and federal government levels.
  • Badge Buddies role recognition cards hang behind an existing ID credential and feature bright colors and bold text that help to identify the wearer's job title. Examples include: NURSE, DOCTOR, or VISITOR cards that feature a specific facility role.
  • ISG™ Access Wristbands contain an internal MIFARE or proximity chip that allows them to perform the same functions as each respective card, and can even be used to replace an access card or to complement an existing access program.
  • Elastic Wristbands are comfortable substitutes to neck lanyards, and are available in multiple colors with a convenient hook-end fitting to hold a key, badge or plastic ID card.
  • Wrist Coils stretch to fit on any wrist and feature a vinyl strap clip or split key ring end fitting to hold plastic ID cards.
  • Clothing Friendly Strap Clips are made of flexible vinyl and are available in a variety of different clip type options.

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