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Hospitality Solutions

Resorts, cruise lines, hotels, theme parks, clubs and more use systems from the ISG to issue plastic ID cards to their customer. Our nationwide network of ISG members has extensive experience in offering efficient and cost effective systems for such hospitality organizations.

Our efficient, flexible identity systems allow users to quickly and easily issue photo IDs and membership cards for both employees and customers on the spot. Our systems can integrate with your management software for the retrieval of accurate customer and employee information for even faster issuance of initial or replacement cards.

Guest cards can be used for room and amenity access, bill charges for onsite purchases, and other uses as specified. Employee cards can be used for facility access control, visual identification, parking access, food services, logical access to other systems, and more. The more intelligent the card technology is, the more that can be done with it for your customers and your staff.

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The traditional magnetic stripe room key card is quickly migrating to newer "contactless" RFID cards, which are easier for the patrons to use, handle more applications securely, and are more durable. ISG card issuance systems can also work directly with a variety of door lock systems, such as SafLock. Your local ISG Dealer can provide a price quotation for magnetic stripe or smart cards, as well as card printing and encoding solutions. They can also provide the technical advice you need to make the right decision for your organization, and verify if your current systems can be integrated for more efficiency.

Hospitality cards can also be preprinted with your logo and a background image of your choice, or custom printed onsite using a variety of design options. Many resort hotels and cruise lines integrate their cards with their payment system because they are used for charging guest purchases and are kept as souvenirs. Many hotels also sell advertising space on their room key cards to local merchants.

CD800 with OpenCard

For more information, you can read our Plastic Card Solutions datasheet.

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For issuing personalized room key cards, season passes, resort account cards, and more, please read about our CD800 ID Card Printer with OpenCard Format. The OpenCard format allows you to send data and images directly to the card printer for faster production speeds.

Retail Solutions

For retail establishments, our customers issue cards for credit card, gift card, loyalty card, and discount card applications. These cards can be combined with our loyalty or gift card software for managing the current card value and producing related reports. Cards can be preprinted in advance or personalized onsite with your own logo and custom background, plus variable data for your customers or employees.

With our central and instant issuance solutions, your business can also issue financial EMV cards for improved customer loyalty and increased sales. Our network of nationwide ISG Dealers can also help you with integrating the most secure card reading and issuance peripherals, and cooperate with other members across state lines for local service and support.

Key solutions provided by the ISG to the hospitality and retail markets include:

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For more information about all of the solutions we offer for the hospitality and retail markets, please contact us today. For printing employee IDs, check out our portfolio of ID card printers, or check out our photo ID systems page.