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Healthcare Facility ID Card Solutions

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The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers an impressive array of identification and security solutions for the healthcare market that can help you identify, secure, and serve your patients, employees, and visitors. We understand the challenges posed by government requirements and the need to set your organization apart from service competitors, and we offer integrated health care facility ID card solutions that can assist with your growth and expansion.

Positive Patient Identification

The ISG offers cost-effective positive patient identification programs, designed to identify patients while building your healthcare organization's image and brand. With compliance to today's healthcare industry standards for a safer, more efficient registration process, you can improve patient loyalty and retention by capturing patients' biometrics and creating ID cards to reduce duplicate medical records, increase patient satisfaction, drive marketing power, and reduce potential losses associated with fraud or medical errors. Read more about our positive patient identification solutions.

Wristbands & Label Systems

A variety of patient safety issues are related to positive patient identification, such as barcoded wristbands and related labels for samples and medications. With today's automated systems for pharmaceutical administration, lab work, and other areas, it is critical that printed patient identification wristbands be durable, readable, comfortable, and, most of all, cost-effective for your organization. The ISG offers everything from wristband and label systems to thermal printers and ID card printers to cover your patient identification needs.

Hospital Visitor Badges, Registration & Management

Visitor management systems for hospital are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with the recent Joint Commission Sentinel Event recommending the installation of comprehensive visitor systems in healthcare facilities nationwide to improve patient safety and prevent workplace violence. The ISG provides complete solutions for visitor registration, card issuance, tracking, and management of all visitors and volunteers in your facilities, system wide. Read more about our visitor management solutions.

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Hospital Employee Identification

Employee ID cards are a federal requirement in hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices across the nation. These cards must also work in a variety of healthcare systems, such as card access control, time and attendance, parking, cafeteria, medicine administration, and more. The ISG offers integrated hospital employee identification solutions that include data capture and information security, secure credential issuance, and related solutions to verify and track employees and vendors.

Card Access Control

Solid security systems include card access control. Nothing is secure if you cannot control who enters your campus and accesses your facilities and equipment. From identity management to hospital visitor badges, time cards to employee ID issuance, video surveillance and more, the ISG can provide you with a complete solution tailored to your facility and system requirements with our BadgePass™ modules. You can read a brief overview of these healthcare facility ID card solutions in the BadgePass™ Hospital brochure.

ISG Bar Coded Patient Identification White Paper

In 1999, a landmark report was released by the Institute of Medicine spotlighting patient safety. The report brought to light a staggering number of medical mistakes, pointing out tens of thousands of preventable deaths from medical errors, and thousands more from medication errors. In response to those findings, healthcare organizations in the past 15-plus years have rapidly implemented cost-effective barcoded patient identification solutions using wristbands and labels, immediately helping to improve patient safety. You can read more about this important study in this exclusive ISG white paper.

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From hospital employee identification and patient identification systems to visitor management systems for hospitals and health care facilities, the ISG has versatile and robust solutions for your unique needs. Find your nearest ISG dealer or contact us to learn more.