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"Green" ID Cards

green id cards

Many ID card issuers wonder how they can provide an Earth-friendly card issuance service. There are a variety of so called “green ID” products available that are considered biodegradable, "Earth-friendly" or "eco-friendly". However, most of these services do not offer a card recycling program, or a Rippa ribbon shredder option.

ISG provides steps toward developing a comprehensive "green" ID and recyclable ID card issuance plan. These steps include:

  • Eco-friendly ID card printer and printer supplies
  • Biodegradable, recycled or recyclable ID card stock
  • Earth-friendly lanyards and badging accessories
  • Card recycling program for cards & empty ribbon cores
  • Rippa ribbon shredder for used ribbons

ISG™ Eco-Cards

We also now offer our own Earth-friendly Eco-Cards, in both 100% and 85% PVC Free versions. The 100% PVC Free recyclable ID cards are made from a chalk and HDPE (high density polyethelene) combination with a PET overlay, which makes them suitable for retransfer card printers only, like ISG™ Peak printers. The 85% PVC Free is made up of a lower percentage of chalk and HDPE, with 15% PVC on the surface so they can be used on regular direct-to-card dye-sublimation desktop card printers, like Entrust Datacard printers.

Read more about these options in our Green ID Solutions datasheet, or contact us today to speak with your local ISG dealer about our "green" ID card solutions.

Rippa Ribbon Shredder

Rippa™ Ribbons Shredder Feeder

Are you looking for an environmentally clean and secure way to shred used ID Printer ribbons? The Rippa ribbons shredder feeder is your ideal Earth-friendly choice to protect identity information. The Rippa can attach to the top of almost any paper shredder to let you securely dispose any used printer ribbons or other rolled material that might leave visible information present after print production.

Please click here to view the Rippa™ data sheet.