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Crisis Control

crisis communication

No administrator ever wants a school crisis on their watch, but it could still happen even with the best security systems installed. When such an event does strike, having a straightforward and simple solutions in place to quickly and clearly notify staff, students, parents and local authorities of the situation. At the ISG, we offer products and services that can help you effectively manage both random emergencies as well as normal day-to-day activities.

Sielox® Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System (CLASS)

Educators can send color-coded alerts to administrators and first responders either through networked devices, RFID readers, or push buttons, and local law enforcement and first responders automatically receive a dynamic floor plan via email or text with real-time, accurate updates on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The solution is customizable to meet your school's specific lockdown rules, and can be run as a stand alone solution or integrated with your access control, paging and mass notification systems. The CLASS solution provides critical situational awareness when every second could prove vital to the safety of children and staff.

Read more in our Sielox CLASS brochure or watch the short below.

Sielox CLASS

SafeCeiver Crisis Communication Radio

The ISG offers a simple, inexpensive one-way radio device and EVAC-PAC that allows school officials and local law enforcement to provide information to teachers and staff with instructions during an emergency, without giving away crucial information to an intruder or active shooter. SafeCeiver can also be used during power outages, medical emergencies, field trips, and crowd control situations. Individual devices would be stored in each classroom and are portable during evacuation or emergency procedures. 

For more information, read our SafeCeiver datasheet and SafeCeiver brochure, or watch the short video below.

SafeCeiver Alert Pager

View the BadgePass™ Vertical Education brochure.

Read the ISG white paper on Safety & Security in Schools.

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