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Player Cards, Visitor Management, Tracking & More

The casino and gaming industries learned long ago the value of issuing ID cards that provided exclusive benefits to their customers, and today, virtually every casino, racetrack, and gaming enterprise issues prestigious player ID cards to identify patrons, track winnings, and more.

The ISG has vast experience working with casino software programs to seamlessly integrate our card printers with other solutions, including registration, visitor management, and blacklist checks. We know how busy the gaming industry is, so all of our solutions come with options for onsite installation, service, and training, to put your mind at ease and keep your revenue flowing.

Key solutions provided to our casino and gaming customers include:

casino member ID
  • Membership Card Printers for the instant issuance of player cards with magnetic stripes, barcodes or smart chips. Our desktop membership card printers accept your current data stream, and are fast, compact and very reliable. 
  • Complete Photo ID Card Systems with software, supplies, a camera and a printer for issuing photo ID cards to special "high-roller" members, vendor badges, and employee ID cards. 
  • Rapid Registration Solutions that speed up your registration lines with our BadgePass SmartReg product that automates searches and new patron enrollment functions by scanning driver licenses and government credentials.
  • Visitor Management Solutions for managing visitors, vendors and guests, keeping track of where they have access within your facility. Verify who is on-site at any time, and create reports of everyone in your building in case of an emergency.
  • Casino Track is a mobile solution that verifies a person's identity, age and listing on any barred or blacklisted self-exclusion database, and reduces the risk of a banned player entering the casino and cashing out.
  • Thermal Printers offer complete mobility and fast issuance of custom casino receipts, barcode tags, labels, VIP wristbands, and more.

For more information about our casino and gaming industry solutions, please read our integrated BadgePass Casino Solutions datasheet or contact us today. You can even read one of our casino case studies.