Case Studies

Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness turns to BadgePass for ID and Tracking Solution in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

Identifying the Need

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness was tasked with creating two temporary hospitals to handle increased patient volume in the city of New Orleans. All volunteers, doctors, nurses and security needed badges produced quickly for visual identification and tracking purposes.

For healthcare workers, Photo IDs are just a normal part of their every day security processes. For healthcare workers in a pandemic, IDs are an absolute necessity as facilities need a way to keep up with who is in the building and whether they belong there.

As the number of positive COVID-19 cases continued to rise in the state of Louisiana, the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) knew they needed a solution for positively identifying healthcare workers – and fast. They had two temporary hospitals to implement in less than two weeks, one in the New Orleans Convention Center and one in a Sheraton hotel in downtown New Orleans. With limited staff and IT infrastructure, they relied on BadgePass to provide a complete turnkey ID and tracking system.

The ISG Solution

The BadgePass team decided to implement a combination of Mobile ID and SmartReg software applications for expedited enrollment of cardholders and production of IDs. Mobile ID is cloud-hosted, eliminating the need for costly servers and additional IT infrastructure that just wasn’t available in this environment. SmartReg, coupled with a driver’s license scanner at each workstation, allowed for faster enrollment of all cardholders.

“The process for card production is so simple. A doctor or volunteer shows up, presents their driver’s license and the system scans it, populating all of their personal information in just seconds,” explains Euclid Talley, Branch Manager, Critical Infrastructure Protection at Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. “The card printers produce their badge quickly, they attach it to an armband or badge clip and they are on their way. It’s that easy.”

Each ID workstation is equipped with a BadgePass NXT5000 card printer and every ID badge that is produced has a unique QR barcode on it to be used for tracking purposes.

Proven Results

“Of course, having an ID just for visual security was important,” commented Brian Jackson, Regional Territory Manger at BadgePass. “However, it was just as important that they be able to use those badges for tracking. With our EPIC Track solution, security can scan an employee or volunteer ID badge when they arrive to the facility and validate that they are a valid, active cardholder and can access the building. They also can run temperature checks on cardholders, electronically recording the date and time they checked their temperature, helping to validate early screening of potential COVID-19 symptoms.”

The situation in New Orleans and Louisiana continues to evolve and the team at GOHSEP is working around the clock with BadgePass team members to make sure they continue to receive the supplies, equipment and support they need during this time.

“We’re incredibly grateful for the support and rapid response time of the BadgePass team,” Talley continued. “In a crisis like this, it’s truly all-hands on deck at all times and they’ve illustrated a willingness to jump in and help however they can.”


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