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campus card services

Every college and university contains an ecology of various systems and programs that keep the life on campus moving day in and day out, and the ISG can help each one work better. Each of those systems could be an island to itself, or they could be carefully and efficiently managed to help administrators cut costs, build revenue and increase convenience for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. From meal planning to laundry and vending services, and copy control to bookstore management, we offer TotalCard™ solutions that can help your institution grow and thrive.

Dining & Meal Plan

Managing student transactions on campus can seem like a daunting task, but ISG's TotalCard™ system for dining and meal planning is an excellent solution for creating and managing a flexible meal program for your on-campus cafeteria, cafés, and other eating locations. This solution can be customized to meet the specific needs of your campus through its user-friendly, highly configurable features to help you to manage the efficiency of meal plans in your food service environment. You can customize plans per day, week or an entire semester, and for different eating periods and locations on campus. You can also streamline your dining transactions for all purchase types including cash, credit, and debit cards, plus meal tickets and student card accounts.

  • Unlimited number of meal plan definitions
  • Allows for increasing or declining balances
  • Configurable keyboards to meet each locations' needs
  • Intuitive operation for cashiers
  • Complete reporting capabilities

For more information on this solution, please read our TotalCard™ Dining & Meal Plan datasheet.


ISG's TotalCard™ bookstore application is a simple and intuitive point of sale module that allows for comprehensive bookstore management. Easily centralize bookstore payment processing and book buy back initiatives with an instant issuance of check or direct deposit of funds to campus cards, eliminating the need for large quantities of cash onsite. You can also streamline your bookstore transactions through a single terminal for campus card, cash, credit, and debit purchases.

  • Allow for discounts to student and staff cards
  • Ability to manage one store or unify multiple locations
  • Automated book buy back deposits
  • Complete transaction reporting 

Discover our very useful options of this feature in our TotalCard™ Bookstore datasheet.


By implementing ISG's TotalCard™ solution for on-campus vending machines, you can eliminate coin collection problems and improve electronic reporting capabilities, while increasing convenience and additional revenues from the regular snack food and soda purchases of students, faculty and staff.

  • Eliminates coin collection issues
  • Increases use of student ID card functionality
  • Adds convenience for students
  • Electronic reporting of vending data

Read more information about this module in our TotalCard™ Vending datasheet.


With ISG's TotalCard™ Laundry module you can eliminate coin collection difficulties and increase electronic reporting capabilities by integrating a convenient laundry payment service tied to the student's ID card. This solution could not be easier to manage, since you simply add an IP Laundry Controller to each machine and can control up to 32 machines per room. Tough and reliable, the terminals allow students to deduct funds from their campus card account and saves them the hassle of carrying change every time they do laundry.

  • Eliminates coin collection issues
  • Increases use of student ID card functionality
  • Adds convenience for students
  • Electronic reporting of laundry services

Learn more about this solution in the TotalCard™ Laundry datasheet.

Copy Control

If you are looking to increase student convenience by integrating copy services into your campus card program, then ISG's TotalCard™ Copy Control module can help you regulate student and faculty copy machine and print service usage.

  • Restrict or allow varying levels of copy usage by group or department
  • Increases use of student ID card functionality
  • Adds convenience for students 
  • Electronic reporting of copy usage

Download more information on this program in our TotalCard™ Copy Control datasheet.

Contact us today for more information and details about these or more ISG college and university solutions that may be of interest to your institution.