Healthcare Patient Identification

The healthcare industry daily faces a wide variety of concerns, issues and regulations, with positive patient identification a vital concern in securing patient information and satisfying federal regulations. ISG dealers are experts at implementing the right solutions to your organizations specific needs, as we can work with most hospital information systems to provide fast, on-site installation and training.

We offer complete solutions for patient identification including both patient and employee ID card issuance systems, patient wristbands, colored patient condition bands, adhesive labels, thermal printers and more. The ISG also provides a complete line of traditional patient card embossers and imprinters. From software to hardware, from training to support, our experts can provide you with premium solutions and local service.

Patient ONECard
Patient ONECard is a cost-effective program offered by ISG dealers that is designed to identify patients while building your healthcare organization's image and brand. With compliance to today's healthcare industry standards for a safer, more efficient registration process, you can improve patient loyalty, by creating a patient ID card to reduce duplicate medical records, increase patient satisfaction, drive marketing power and reduce potential losses associated with fraud.

Patient Wristbands
Many automated hospital systems today, such as those used for medicinal administration, produce barcoded wristbands that must be comfortable, durable, and readable, while still being affordable. Because of patient condition alerts, state recommended standards have emerged that require some form of wristband identification for babies, outpatients and non-ambulatory patients. The ISG offers many solutions to fit every requirement and budget.

Thermal Printers
Thermal printers are used in many departments to print patient wristbands and a wide variety of colored labels, and due to their compact size and low cost, they are an ideal method for modern hospital systems to identify patients and visitors. The ISG offers on-site installation and ongoing service and support for every thermal printer we provide.

Card Embossers & Imprinters
Traditional patient card embossers and imprinters have been used in healthcare for several decades, and some hospitals still rely on these proven systems for imprinting of patient information on a variety of forms, labels and plastic cards. The ISG can help you find the solution right for you.

For more information on our Healthcare Patient Identification solutions, please contact us today, or read one of our healthcare solution case studies (Study 1 and Study 2).

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